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If something goes wrong with your sewer main, it is your responsibility to fix it.



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If something goes wrong with your sewer main, it is your responsibility to fix it. For homeowners, the idea of a broken or clogged sewer main can be very stressful. There is no reason to stress! Coastal Plumbing Pros of Lake Forest specializes in sewer repairs and replacements. We get your sewers working again, and we do it quickly and affordably.

Reasons You May Need Sewer Repair Services
• Sewer Clogs: Sewer clogs in Lake Forest are usually caused by tree root growth inside the sewer main. Luckily, these can usually be cleared using hydro jetting or a drain rooter. If the tree roots have damaged the sewer main though, it may be necessary to replace it. Again, this is usually a fairly simple process.
• Cracked Sewer Mains: Your sewer main may be cracked by numerous things, such as accidental damage while doing yard work. If the sewer main is otherwise in good condition, the crack can usually be fixed with slip lining. This sewer repair method usually requires no digging.
• Collapsed Sewer Mains: If your sewer line is severely damaged, such as from age and corrosion, it may collapse completely. This is a very serious problem and must be taken care of as soon as possible. A replacement sewer line will need to be installed, usually using a method known as pipe bursting. Pipe bursting only requires 2 access holes to be dug, so your yard and driveway are spared.

Signs You Have a Sewer Main Problem
Think of your sewer main as a major artery which channels waste out of your plumbing system. If this main becomes blocked or broken, it is going to affect the entire plumbing system. Toilets are directly connected to the sewer main, so you will usually see sewer problems there first. You may hear gurgling sounds in the toilet, smell foul odors, or water will go down slowly when flushing. Other signs of a sewer main problem include strange plumbing reactions, such as water coming out of your sink when you use the washing machine.

If you see any signs of a sewer main problem, it is important to call for sewer repair services ASAP. Otherwise, the problem will just get worse and could lead to disastrous secondary problems, such as sewage contamination, Category III water damage, and health risks.

We Make Sewer Repair Easy and Affordable
At Coastal Plumbing Pros of Lake Forest, our goal is to make plumbing services as easy and affordable as possible for you. We do this by only hiring the best plumbers in Lake Forest, and investing in state-of-the-art technology.

The first step of sewer repair is to inspect your drainage system and sewer main with video equipment. This way, we can make sure we are accurately diagnosing the problem and sparing you unnecessary repairs. With the exact cause and location of the problem detected, we will be able to come up with the best solution. We also do everything in our power to avoid digging up your yard to access the sewer main. Our plumbers are all certified and trained in various trenchless (no-dig) sewer replacement methods so you not only save your yard, but save money too.

Sewer problems are plumbing emergencies and shouldn’t wait. Contact us today to schedule a free on-site estimate for sewer repair services. For sewer main emergencies, we are available 24/7. (949) 267-3226
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