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At Honest Guy Plumbing Lake Forest, CA, we provide top-quality services at affordable prices. Whether you need total replumbing or a partial repipe, we are here for you with certified plumbers, custom solutions, and friendly service.

Our Repipe Plumbing Services:
• Total repipe
• Partial repipe
• Commercial repipe services
• PEX repipe
• Pipe inspection
What is Repipe Plumbing?
Repipe plumbing services, also called replumbing, is just like it sounds: your old pipes are removed and new pipes are put in their place.

Why Is Repipe Plumbing Needed?
If your home is very old, then a total repipe may be absolutely necessary to remove lead pipes which are detrimental to your health. Even if your home is newer, you still may need repipe services. This is because copper pipes were the industry standard for many years. Copper pipes are generally very durable under the condition that they are not exposed to acids. Unfortunately, the water in California is acidic and reacts with copper piping, leading to corrosion and pinhole leaks.

You may also need repipe services if you have polybutylene pipes in your home. From 1978 to the mid 1990s, polybutylene was used as an alternative to copper. It was cheaper than copper and non-reactive. But, unfortunately for the 6-10 million homeowners who have these pipes in their homes, polybutylene pipes break down in the presence of chlorine (which is present in our water). Polybutylene pipes are subject to failure and no longer considered acceptable under local building codes.

PEX Repipe Services – Saving You From Leaks and Plumbing Failures
If you are considering repipe services, it is probably because you have already suffered from plumbing leaks, corroded pipes, discolored water, poor water pressure, and other plumbing problems. These problems aren’t just a hassle, but can add up to a large expense. By investing in repipe services, you save yourself the costs and hassle of constant plumbing repairs.

Today’s repipe services are almost always done with PEX tubing, a type of flexible piping which is non-reactive and can withstand exposure to the acids and chemicals in the water supply. PEX piping has a lifespan of 50 to 100+ years, and most manufacturers give a warranty on their products of at least 25 years. This means you can rest at ease with your new plumbing system.

What to Expect with Repipe Services from Honest Guy Plumbing Lake Forest
Our team of technicians at Honest Guy Plumbing Lake Forest is made up of the best plumbers in the region. All plumbers are certified and have received additional training in repipe plumbing methods. It probably sounds like repipe plumbing would be a very large job. However, our expert plumbers know how to get the job done with as little hassle as possible to you. We never have to tear apart all of your walls or ceilings, and usually can get the repipe done by just making a few small access holes in hidden places in your home. During your free repipe plumbing estimate with one of our agents, you will be told exactly what to expect.

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