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A rooter is one of the most revolutionary tools in plumbing. Before the rooter, it was necessary to dig up sewer lines and take apart pipes in order to remove clogs. Now, clogs can be quickly and easily removed with no damages to your home or yard. Honest Guys Plumbing of Lake Forest are experts in getting rid of clogs with drain rooters and are standing by 24/7 to help.

Why You Might Need Clog Rooter Services
Typical drain clogs can usually be cleared with a plunger or a hand auger. However, some clogs are harder to break up and require rooter services. The main difference between a rooter and other types of drain augers (also called drain snakes) is that a rooter has sharp blades at the end instead of just a coil. The blades are rotated by a motor, so they can break up even very hard clogs.

One of the most common reasons for clog rooter services is a blockage in the sewer main. Sewer mains are very large and usually don’t become clogged by everyday debris, such as toilet paper or food scraps. However, in California, it is common for tree roots to invade sewer lines. The tree roots are drawn towards the sewer main because of the wetness and nutrients inside. The tiny tree roots are very adept at getting into the sewer main and can quickly grow into a tough mass which blocks waste water from passing. If this happens, you will experience problems with many of your drains, such as backups and gurgling sounds coming from the toilet.

Only Choose a Specialist for Rooter Services
Rooters have very strong, sharp blades which are rotated by a powerful motor. While the rooter itself is fairly simple to operate, it can easily cause damage to your pipes if not used skillfully. Remember, rooters are designed to cut through tree roots. Even copper pipes can be damaged by a rooter! The plumbers at Honest Guy Plumbing Lake Forest are certified and highly trained at using rooter machines for clearing clogs. We first perform a video inspection of your pipes to exactly diagnose the problem and find its location. With precision and years of experience, we make sure that the clog is removed without tearing or breaking your pipes.

Affordable Prices and Great Customer Service
It takes more than expertise and the right equipment to be the best plumbing company in Lake Forest, CA! From the very beginning, we strove to exceed our customers’ expectations by offering great customer service and fair prices.

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